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February 12, 2020

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Sports fans will have noticed more and more over the past few years that many new sports bookmakers have appeared on the Internet. The supply of online betting, especially online sports betting, has increased immensely. This is accompanied by the increased complexity of the betting portals: In addition to the individual sports bets and live areas often find comparisons of quotas, interesting information, various statistics and many other indications.

Zillynews helps you to keep track:

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Sports Betting Definition: Who offers sports bets at all?

When it comes to sports betting, the name is Program. The term is composed of the topics "Betting" and "Sports", which means that you can place bets on various sporting events. There are three different types of differences:

  • Betting Exchange: Betting against each other
  • Bookmakers: Betting at a fixed rate
  • Pool bets / totalizator bets
In bookmaker bets, this sets a quota before an event. This means that when you place a bet you already know how high your stake and possible profit will be - in comparison to the total bets. In some regions, this variant is also known as an "oddset bet". The pool bet, on the other hand, is a classic. It is best known for horse races or the soccer toto. Each player pays a bet in a common pot. The total amount will ultimately be split between all winners

What is a betting exchange

In a betting office or betting exchange, such as Matchbook , each participant can place bets themselves or accept other people's own tips. In practical terms, therefore, odds are agreed first, then the customers of the exchange bet against each other.

Who is eligible to bet ?

Whether you want to bet in a bookmaker or online, in most countries you can not enter the sportsbook until you reach the age of 18 . Minors, however, are not allowed to place a bet online or to enter a betting shop. So that the protection of minors is also observed on the Internet, corresponding personal data must already be entered when registering with a bookmaker.

Are online sports betting reputable and secure?

Much has happened in the online betting industry over the last 20 years. The development shows that, especially since the mid-90s, significantly less dubious betting companies are operating in the market. At that time, it was mostly smaller companies that had their headquarters in the Caribbean Islands and devoted primarily to American customers.

Today sports betting companies are not unlike a group. Serious, reliable, professional, structured and partially equipped with thousands of employees in different locations. In some cases, some betting companies are active on the London, Frankfurt or Stockholm Stock Exchange and serve millions of customers worldwide. At the same time, the number of interested parties and customers is growing steadily - and our own product offerings are gradually being expanded and improved.

details on betting

The betting industry is therefore by no means dubious or uncertain. On the contrary: Precisely because of the strict regulation and licensing , it rarely happens that a black sheep appears in the ranks of reputable bookmakers. However, this is the case in every industry, where there can always be one company that is less accurate and clean. For you as a well-informed betting customer black sheep are not a threat, because the sophisticated market does not give small and dubious companies a chance.

Our advice: Stick to the well-known and experienced companies when it comes to sports betting. On our site, ALL providers are among these criteria, so you can count on a completely serious and secure company. Of course, a new provider can be just as reputable and secure, but we will inform you on this page about everything worth knowing and our assessment - even to completely new providers.

The fact that the online bookmakers presented here are reputable companies is also evident in the various regulatory authorities. The bookmakers are subject to numerous rules imposed by the licensed providers. Should a company fail to comply with these rules, the sports license provider may be deprived of the entire license.

That's why bookmakers put safety first (and all the associated features) and customer satisfaction first. The sports betting market is not asleep and those who want to be successful here must focus on the most important principles.

The size of the German sports betting market

The turnover, which was produced in Germany by sports betting, could only be estimated until 2012. In the past, suppliers from Malta, England, Gibraltar and Co. were not required to provide sales information.

In August 2012, however, the German betting tax was introduced , so that all companies operating in Germany now have to announce their sales. This also applies to those bookmakers who are based in other EU countries. Since 2012, companies have also been obliged to transfer five percent of the sales generated by German players to the German tax authorities.

Through these paid tax payments, the turnover for Germany, which come about through the sports betting market, can be calculated relatively accurately. This is also shown by an infographic from the year 2016 provided by Statista.


In 2016, about five billion euros were generated in Germany alone with sports betting - of which online bookmakers have contributed a large part. But the approximately 3,000 betting shops that are located throughout Germany also contribute to the turnover.

Of course, the pure sales does not mean that the German betting friends win or lose five billion euros annually. In the area of ​​online betting, the payout ratio is over 90 percent on average. This means that most of the revenue generated by the bookmaker flows back to the customers.

By contrast, the revenue generated by the state-owned Oddset provider is relatively meaningless . The offer of the Oddset bet could not keep up with the ever increasing competition in the course of the years, so that the betting turnover in Germany is predominantly divided among the private betting companies.

The volume, which was implemented by means of sports betting, should increase even further in 2019, since this year a new regulation for the German online sports betting market should be introduced. Of course, the number of participants in the market will certainly increase in this context. For you as a betting customer, the prospects are in any case rosy, as a larger competing offer among the betting operators leads to more and better offers. In a global comparison, the German weather is good. We have also compiled a few figures of the turnover of international companies.


How significant are new bookmakers for the German sports betting market?

If one looks at the German sports betting business, well-known and experienced providers dominate the market. These include Tipico , Interwetten , bet365 , bet-at-home and other companies. Nevertheless, there are gradually more and more providers who are pushing for the market and their offers sometimes more and sometimes less appeal.

Some bookmakers who are trying new to the German betting market, have to give up because of the lack of success quite quickly. Other providers inspire the customers.

These include, for example, the online bookmaker XTip , which only started in 2014, but has already built up a solid and enthusiastic customer base. With the license from Malta, the company relies on a broad range of sports betting, technical advantages and a betting platform that is to be dubbed mature.