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February 12, 2020


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February 12, 2020


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February 11, 2020


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April 28, 2014


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Sports fans will have noticed more and more over the past few years that many new sports bookmakers have appeared on the Internet. The supply of online betting, especially online sports betting, has increased immensely. This is accompanied by the increased complexity of the betting portals: In addition to the individual sports bets and live areas often find comparisons of quotas, interesting information, various statistics and many other indications.

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Casino bonuses is the match bonus, been offered as a percentage of players’ deposit amounts. For example, an online casino that promises to “match players’ ” offer's 100% up to a specific amount on players’ first deposit amounts. If players deposit $10, they will receive a bonus of $10, making a total of $20 in their online casino accounts. Similarly, if an online casino offers 200%, a player who deposits $10 will receive a bonus of $20, making a total of $30 in their accounts.
While most sports betting bonuses are relatively straightforward, you’ll have to meet specific requirements before you’re eligible to withdraw them. Most commonly sports betting bonuses have the following terms and conditions attached to them:
  • Rollover
  • Odds Restrictions
  • Time Limits
For more information, check out our detailed article on exactly how sports betting bonuses work. Rest assured, bonuses are extremely simple to understand once you grasp their basic rules. Once you know the rules you’re subject to, picking your best sports betting bonus becomes a lot easier. With available betting bonuses ranging from 100% deposit bonuses to reduced juice bonuses, it’s best to have a handle on exactly what you’re signing up for.
Sportsbooks most frequently offer the following types of bonuses:
  • Initial Deposit Bonus (Deposit Match Bonus)
  • Free Bets Bonus
  • Reduced Juice Bonus
  • Matching Bet Bonus
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Cash Back Bonus
  • Season Promotion Bonus
  • Secret Bonuses
  • The most common type of sports betting bonuses are sign-up bonuses. More often than not, sign-up bonuses take the form of initial deposit bonuses.
    As previously mentioned, online casino bonuses are not “free.” They need to be earned through real money play. Each casino bonus is associated with terms and conditions, which players must read and understand before claiming it. Almost all bonuses have wagering requirements, where players have to play through their bonus plus deposit amounts a specific number of times before they can withdraw their winning

    Are online sports betting reputable and secure?

    Much has happened in the online betting industry over the last 20 years. The development shows that, especially since the mid-90s, significantly less dubious betting companies are operating in the market. At that time, it was mostly smaller companies that had their headquarters in the Caribbean Islands and devoted primarily to American customers.

    Today sports betting companies are not unlike a group. Serious, reliable, professional, structured and partially equipped with thousands of employees in different locations. In some cases, some betting companies are active on the London, Frankfurt or Stockholm Stock Exchange and serve millions of customers worldwide. At the same time, the number of interested parties and customers is growing steadily - and our own product offerings are gradually being expanded and improved.

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    The betting industry is therefore by no means dubious or uncertain. On the contrary: Precisely because of the strict regulation and licensing , it rarely happens that a black sheep appears in the ranks of reputable bookmakers. However, this is the case in every industry, where there can always be one company that is less accurate and clean. For you as a well-informed betting customer black sheep are not a threat, because the sophisticated market does not give small and dubious companies a chance.

    Our advice: Stick to the well-known and experienced companies when it comes to sports betting. On our site, ALL providers are among these criteria, so you can count on a completely serious and secure company. Of course, a new provider can be just as reputable and secure, but we will inform you on this page about everything worth knowing and our assessment - even to completely new providers.

    The fact that the online bookmakers presented here are reputable companies is also evident in the various regulatory authorities. The bookmakers are subject to numerous rules imposed by the licensed providers. Should a company fail to comply with these rules, the sports license provider may be deprived of the entire license.

    That's why bookmakers put safety first (and all the associated features) and customer satisfaction first. The sports betting market is not asleep and those who want to be successful here must focus on the most important principles.

    Africa's sports betting market

    In comparison to the USA, the UK, and Asia Online sports betting may be a fairly new arrival to Africa—but it’s making up for its shorter history with massive growth, as Africa has become one of the most fast expanding online gambling markets in the world.

    Africa is one of the most eager sports-loving continents in the world. Its population greatly enjoys watching and playing sports like basketball, boxing, cricket, boxing, car racing - especially soccer. Africans love soccer!

    There are dozens of millions of Africans who are not only crazy about soccer or rugby but also love to bet their money on these games.

    Details on some countries in africa with legalized betting procedures ;


    In theory, Ghana’s gambling industry (which includes sports betting) is regulated by the 2006 Gaming Act, which requires operators to be licensed by the Ghana Gaming Commission. However, the law does a poor job of covering online betting and, as such, Ghana remains a Wild West-type frontier for offshore sportsbooks: there isn’t really anything preventing them from offering their services to Ghanaians, so many accept Ghanaian users without registering and paying tax in the country.


    Gaming Commission of Ghana is responsible for issuing licenses to all gaming operators and permits to companies and individuals that wish run promotions with elements of game of chance.


    The widespread use of mobile phones in Nigeria has been a positive game-changer for the sports betting business. Every day, it gets easier to pay, play and win or lose. The billion-dollar sports betting industry is growing astronomically with Nigerian football culture.

    There are roughly 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 who are involved in active sports betting. The sports betting market in Nigeria is estimated at $2 billion and is expected to grow primarily driven by the rapid spread of mobile phones.

    Over the years, many betting companies have emerged in Nigeria. We have Nairabet, Merrybet, Bet9ja, Naijabet, Lovingbet, Surebet247, Supabets, 1960bet, Nairastake, Parknbet, 360bet, Sportybet, Plusbet, Skybetnaija, 9jadollarbet, Visabet, Winnersgoldenbet, and many more. Betting outlets can now be spotted on almost every street in Nigeria's major cities, with new ones springing up daily.

    South africa

    In South Africa sportbooks must be licensed in order to operate legally in the country. But unlike in Kenya, the South African authorities take a hands-on approach. Sportsbooks that operate without a license and players who use those sportsbooks are both subject to fines, jail time, and confiscation of funds.

    South Africa, like many nations, takes a legal-but-heavily-regulated approach to online betting, meaning there are numerous legal options for South Africans look to place a bet online, but there are also a host of illegal betting activities which could result in penalties.


    top bookmakers in africa to use

    This are the list of top sportbookmakers from our expert .